Caméra de recul camping-car miroir de renvoi accessoires


2007 1st Place in Security Innovation Competition organized by "Camping Car Magazine"

2011 Silver Medals at the Concours Lépine


It turns your camera into a camera with two objectives

- It attaches directly to your camera with two brackets

- Weighs only 20 grams

- No drilling, no electricity

- It installs and adjusts in 15 minutes


FOR ONLY 34 EUROS (shipping not included)


You double your field of vision. Low vision in your rear bumper (1) and a view of "mirror" type (2)



There are two kind of "Kit Miroir de Renvoi"

- The "large"  for the cameras more than 5.5 cm wide

- The "small" for the cameras less than 5.5 cm wide




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